This is a place where I put my javascript projects. Feel free to look around. If you find anything interesting and want to chat contact me at

Find out how much stock you would need to own in a public company to offset your spending habits

You can find my exploration of the paper on the Algorithmic Beauty of Plants. I really enjoy the visual representation of these algorithms. You can play around with my DOL system and generate different sequences. Additionally I have created a canvas that is painted by a Turtle. You control how far the turtle can walk, the change in color, and number of steps. Try playing around with it yourself and seeing the cool patterns you can generate. I enjoy playing with the large stroke width and small distances. It creates cool asterisk like art.

Another one of my interests is card counting. I have created basic strategy charts. You can use the recognition practice to test your application of those charts. Lastly, I have created a playable Blackjack game. I hope to slowly add more features such as different rules and add feedback for perfect play.

There is a little more to hangman than what you might expect. The word it is showing you is the currently selected word. Your first guess will always be right. Subsiquent guesses will only be right if you are lucky! If you are unlukcy the word might change

Sudoku is a simple solver

I created an Etch-a-sketch. Its more fun to use on phone with a mobile view but still fun to play with on desktop. One fo the pages is a troll UX page. The other will allow you to save your art piece. There is no undo button so be careful. If you make a mistake you will have to shake the pad to erase it!